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KPAC,Texas Public Radio Jim Russell, The Program Doctor
WOSU, Columbus, Ohio (2008) WXEL, West Palm Beach
WOSU, Columbus, Ohio (2010) Minnesota Public Radio & American Public Media


“I highly recommend Silvester Vicic as a radio talent coach. Silvester pulls on his many years of experience in the business to asses your current performance quickly and efficiently. He then offers practical advice on how to improve that performance. From on-air delivery to show structure, he has valuable insights to share. I feel more confident every time I open a microphone thanks to Silvester’s help.” - December 13, 2010
Joanna Marie, Director of Radio Programming and Operations and afternoon host, WXEL, West Palm Beach, FL

KPAC,Texas Public Radio

“Dear Silvester,

“Thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough analysis of KPAC that you delivered to us in 2009.  Your comments were thorough and insightful. By analyzing both music selection and presentation from a broad station-minded perspective, as well as each announcer’s individual shift, we were able to get a clearer picture of what listeners hear when they turn on KPAC, and each member of the staff found many actionable items to follow up on.

“I am especially impressed that you followed up the written report with a series of phone calls, not only with our staff as a whole, but with me and KPAC’s Music Director.  These conversations were great brainstorming sessions for staff.

“Since our sessions with you, KPAC has implemented a number of changes.  Our Music Director, Randy Anderson, has been monitoring and editing our scheduling program to ensure that KPAC features the best music at the appropriate times on the station.  I modified our break guidelines for KPAC announcers, and during our air-check sessions, we refer back to items that were referenced in your report.

“In October, 2009, approximately half a year after our sessions, San Antonio officially adopted Arbitron’s Portable People Meter measurement system.  KPAC has shown strong numbers. Our average Weekly Cume is 58,500 persons, which is an improvement over past performance.  And in March, 2010, KPAC set a record Weekly Cume of 70,200.

“Our next steps at KPAC are to work on increasing the amount of time listeners spend with KPAC, and frequency of tune-ins by listeners, to develop a stronger audience base overall.  No doubt we will refer back to your report to remind us of the importance of connecting with our listeners, both musically and personally.” - August 19, 2010
Nathan Cone, Director of Classical Programming, Texas Public Radio, San Antonio, TX (top)

Jim Russell, The Program Doctor

“Silvester is one of the smartest, classiest, most talented senior producers I have ever known. He brings maturity and thorough professionalism to the job -- he is a role model for everything a young producer should aspire to become.” - January 30, 2009
Jim Russell, aka The Program Doctor, founding producer of Marketplace (top)

WOSU, Columbus, Ohio

“During a time period where WOSU did not have a Radio Program Director, we hired Silvester to come in to work with and coach our Classical Music hosts. He has an excellent approach in working with on-air talent that addresses the strengths and weaknesses of an individual in a manner that is constructive and focused. This type of work takes a special individual and Silvester is a able to pull it off in a way unmatched by most in the industry.” - November 24, 2008
Tim Eby, Tim Eby, former Director of Radio at WOSU, now Director and General Manager, St. Louis Public Radio (top)

WOSU (2010)

“Silvester did a tremendous job leading and moderating sessions with donors, board members and staff. His knowledge, demeanor and his understanding of the different approaches necessary for the different constituents involved in this process made it easy for everyone to relate to his presentation and engage with one another. These brainstorm sessions about a new opportunity at WOSU have been extremely valuable as we develop our marketing and development plans.” - October 27, 2010
Tom Rieland, General Manager, WOSU Public Media (top)

Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media

“Silvester is an extraordinarily talented producer and manager with valuable experience and a deep understanding of quality program development and implementation. His creativity, openness to new ideas, and rigorous attention to detail resulted in a sterling track record of outstanding content at Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media. His contribution to any future media project will prove invaluable.” - January 6, 2010,
Maria Denise Nichols, Development Assistant and Underwriting Account Executive, Minnesota Public Radio & American Public Media (top)